My name is Deric Isaacson and I am the owner/trainer at American River K9. I fell in love with dog training and rehabilitation after working through the struggles and frustration associated with my dog’s behavioral issues. To expand and improve on my training knowledge I began working with other trainers, and volunteering with rescue groups in the Sacramento and Los Angeles areas as a trainer, evaluator, and foster. I continue to study other training methods and work with local rescues. This allows me to improve on and test multiple training theories with a wide range of dogs to better assist my clients and help rescue dogs find loving homes. Working with owners and their dogs has become a passion of mine and after much support and encouragement from my family, friends, and people I respect in the dog industry I started my own program.


It’s my belief you should enjoy time spent working with your dog to facilitate a stronger bond and foster respect. Working with me is a fun, educating experience where mistakes are not judged and results are celebrated. After all, if mistakes are never made, how do we learn? I do not believe in giving dogs a label such as aggressive or fearful. In my experience these labels often have a negative effect on the owner’s relationship with their dog and can often cause unwanted behaviors to worsen. Instead, I work to identify, modify, and correct unwanted behaviors and the associated mental state the dog is experiencing. Every client has their own concerns and challenges that are addressed on an individual level. I will provide the guidance, answers, and results you need with the care, respect, and understanding you deserve. While I do have group classes that are available for touch up lessons and minor situations, I primarily work 1 on 1 with you and your dog or in a board and train setting.


Do you believe your dog is out of control, anxious, stubborn, or has a hard time getting along with others? Do you wish your dog would listen to you, walk well on leash, be calm and relaxed, or not guard its possessions? Maybe you or a previous trainer have labeled your dog as fearful, reactive, or aggressive. Do you have an energetic puppy in need of positive structure, rules, and guidance? Whatever your situation may be I will work with you to create the balance, structure, and behavior you and your dog are in need of.

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At American River K9 I use a number of different training methods such as Pressure Training, Operant Conditioning, E-Collar Training, and Pavlovian Conditioning to name just a few. I do not offer Positive Only, or Pure Positive Training but will gladly refer you to a trainer that specializes in that style of training.


Before starting any training or program I will do a free phone evaluation and a $150 2 hour working evaluation with you and your dog in order to fully understand what is happening and what training program or plan will work the best. We will cover some entry level commands during the evaluation and decide what training equipment if any will be needed. 


All of my training programs cover Basic Obedience such as Place, Threshold, Loose Leash, Recall, Heel, Impulse Control, and Aversion just to name a few. I also work with you on understanding your dog's mindset and how our actions affect them. We will cover properly advocating for your dog as well as your dog respecting other people's, and dog's personal space and property. We cover much more than what is listed here throughout the programs and I will gladly go over it in more detail during your phone evaluation. 


Some types of training equipment I use are Martingale Collars, Herm Sprenger Prong Collars, Halti Collars, and E-Collar Technologies E-Collars.


Below are my most popular training programs and their prices. To learn about these and other programs I offer or to sign up for training please go to the Contact Me section, schedule your free phone evaluation, and fill out the intake questionnaire

1 on 1

The Private Training Program consists of 5 private 2 hour sessions and includes 3 months of follow up support. The training is customized for each client but will always include obedience, energy management, leash manners, impulse control, proper play, and understanding your dog's mindset. 

Pay As You Go: $750

Pre Pay: $650


The Group Training program consists of 5 group 1 hour sessions and includes 3 months of follow up support. It covers sit, down, heel, loose leash walking, auto sit, recall, duration work with distractions, games, and some tricks. We also spend time covering nutrition, behaviors, and getting to calm. 

Pay As You Go: $350

Pre Pay: $250


Bringing Home Puppy consists of 2 private 2 hour sessions to help get you started. It covers foundational obedience, temperament conditioning, proper environmental exposure, and general healthcare / grooming. This course is designed for owners looking for a little help and guidance with the new pup.

Pay As You Go: $300

Pre Pay: $260

Pack Walks

I offer 2 Pack Walks every month and they are free to attend. They are on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays and start at 9am. The locations vary and full details can be found at American River K9 Events. If the cost of training is holding you back from making progress with your dog please come out and join us.




I serve the Greater Sacramento area, including but not limited to Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Auburn, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Cool, Shingle Springs, Placerville, Elk Grove, Laguna, and West Sacramento.



SAC, CA 95821



8:00AM - 9:00PM



Thank you for your interest in training with me. The next step is a free phone evaluation. This allows me to learn more about you and your dog(s), how I can help, and what training options I have for you. It also allows you to learn more about me, how I train, and will help you decide if I am the right trainer for you and your dog(s). Please select a time that works best for you and fill out the intake questionnaire. Without a completed questionnaire I will be unable to give you a call at our scheduled time.
If you are not yet ready to schedule a phone consultation but have questions regarding prices, areas I service, or other general questions please contact me.
Text: (916) 764-8678
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